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A complex job was implemented smoothly, accurately, and with great professionalism.

See how CommunityDNS keeps its rapidly expanding infrastructure fast and resilient with help from ServerCentral:

About CommunityDNS:

Since 1996, CommunityDNS (CDNS) has provided DNS Resolution Services with 100% uptime. Its DNS network uses Anycast technology—the preferred, base technology for DNSto provide Registries, ISPs, and Internet-dependent enterprises with a super-fast resolution service.

The CDNS Network:

CDNS has ample capacity to thwart even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks. Its Anycast platform has been tested to a capacity of 500 million names, answering in excess of 100,000 queries per second. That's 6 million queries per minute, or 8.6 billion queries per day on each server in its Anycast constellation. 

The Challenge:

Keeping rapidly changing and expanding infrastructure consistent across a global footprint without scaling a massive infrastructure team.

James Stevens

The Solution:

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Dedicated Servers


Network Connectivity


Remote Hands

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From dedicated servers and premiere network connectivity around the world to the smartest remote hands we've ever seen, ServerCentral always delivers. CDNS has grown every quarter since its inception. In order to sustain this growth - and meet the increasing demands of our customers - we have to select partners that will be there with us every step of the way. ServerCentral's support team helps keep us up and running, 24/7/365.
James Stevens

The Payoff:

Our requirements are unusual and often quite technical. Billions of queries each day, per Anycast server, isn’t trivial. If you're down, you're nobody in the Anycast space, and that can’t happen. 100% uptime is the only option for us. ServerCentral always delivers. Uptime is what they’re about. The technical customer services are excellent, we’re never wasting time, and everyone understands exactly what we need to remain competitive.
James Stevens
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