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How a HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Helped A Health Care Company Go Global

We wanted a business partner, not just a technology provider.

Terry Rowinski
COO, Health Payment Systems (HPS)

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200% growth

200% Growth in 5 Years

HPS can now support massive infrastructure scale 24x7x365.
Saves time

100s of Hours Saved

The IT team focuses on business, not infrastructure.
HIPAA-compliant cloud

100% HIPAA Compliance

Continuous processes keep data secure and regulations met.


In the health care industry, there is no room for error. Reliability and compliance are not just check boxes — they’re the core of the business.  

At Health Payment Systems (HPS), those needs were keenly felt. It had grown just under 200 percent in five years by simplifying health care billing with a single statement for all in-network claims. Yet its original cabinet of servers couldn’t keep up with its  rapid scale nor the global expansion of its staff. As HPS began to assess its infrastructure, the management team kept repeating their founding motto: "There has to be a better way."

a Better Solution

There’s no one-size-fits-all infrastructure solution. Over more than 16 years of designing infrastructure for hundreds of clients, we’ve developed the following seven-step process to find and fulfill each client’s unique needs:


1. Discovery

An assessment of cloud needs, risks and priority for each data set and application

2. Planning

A migration and disaster recovery plan for applications based on risk and regulation

3. Development

Custom Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery as a Service to deliver scalability and reliability


Application testing to uncover potential risks


Private cloud implementation



Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery runbook and regular failover testing



Quarterly reviews to unlock new efficiencies

Some additional information in one line


Focus on business operations, not technology

Returned focus on business operations

With extra hours in their day now that they’re not managing infrastructure, the HPS IT team can put its energy into streamlining business operations, not maintaining servers. We deliver the infrastructure expertise so HPS can spend all its time doing one thing: simplifying the health care industry.

Global workforce

A global workforce

By delivering 24/7 connectivity, HPS' HIPAA-compliant private cloud infrastructure enables collaboration across the world, so they can attract and retain the talented people it needs, wherever they happen to be.

Agile Business

An agile business

Not only did our private cloud support HPS’ 200 percent growth — it made the whole business agile. Now HPS can take advantage of the speed of its infrastructure by running all its work on three-week iterative sprints.

Read the Case Study

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